Friday, May 23, 2008

James has never been camera shy due to his Aunt Amy photo shooting him since nearly the day he was born. December 2006
Aren't cinnamon rolls delicious? We lived in Dan's Aunt Joyce's home while we waited to move into our home in Glendale. (August 2006)
Here is James taking a turn in the stroller while holding his beloved "Lion". The dinosaur museum was fun but tiring for him.
We visited the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point in Utah. We dressed in prehistoric bug costumes which James wouldn't wear. Tira still sucks her binky to this day.
Tira got a rocking horse for her 2 year old birthday. At first she would only ride if the song was playing. The song would play once you pushed a button on its ear.
Here is the beautiful Snow White eating skittles on Halloween 2007. She protested wearing the costume but I wasn't about to let all the time spent sewing go to waste.
(November 2007) Tira is almost 2 years old and darling in every way. It is amazing how quickly they grow up!

Upcoming Adventures

Dan graduates from Pharmacy school in June 2009. A series of six (5 week long) rotations start the end of October. Maryland, Kansas, Provo, and Payson UT are the first four locations. The last two are in AZ near our home in Glendale. I must admit I am already dreading the 34 hour drive out to Maryland. I insist that we break it up into a 3 day drive stopping at hotels along the way.

James and Tira Growing Up

I bet all of you thought I would never get on this blog again but here I am! I actually forgot our address for blogspot and so I created a new one. By doing that I was able to see our original one.

The past months have been quite eventful for us. Halloween in 2007 was a parade when James' marched around the church gym with a homemade Thomas The Train costume on. Tira was a very pretty Snow White, of whom she didn't know at the time.
Christmas was cold but not snowy here in AZ. James and Tira had plenty of presents to open plus the nervousness that comes with sitting on Santa's lap. Unfortuneately Santa forgot to be friendly and so that didn't help any.
James officially finished his first year of 3 year old preschool at a local elementary school on May 21st. He will start the 4 year old class in September. His teacher is amazed at his fine motor skills when he cuts with scissors.
Tira started scooting around on her bottom sometime last August and has since learned how to walk and soon after run. She delights in telling me, "I fast!", as she runs down the hallway.
Their pediatrician was impressed at Tira's coordination for so young a child.
James and Tira awake every day with tons of energy. I'm sure before I know it I will be yanking their covers off trying to get them out of bed in the morning.