Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Yard

Our yard consists of light and dark colored rocks. The dark rocks are located around these very tall palm trees. James and Tira think it is a blast to throw the rocks all over the yard and driveway while mixing the light and dark. Mom doesn't like this because I'm the one who gets to seperate them. The palm trees are the eye candy of every arborist in the city. At least once a week we get someone at the door wanting to trim our trees for us. They know that we pay an HOA fee and so we are required to keep the yard maintained and would therefore be more likely to give them business. But I think I'll wait until money starts growing on the trees before I accept.

Arizona House

This is our house on the day we first saw it with the realtor. Notice the antennas on the bush to the left. It is a martian. And then if you look very closely in the middle of the picture, there is a bush that is a smaller version of the left one. I have since trimmed it a lot. In fact, Dan thinks I almost killed it because I trimmed it so much. I felt very compulsive that day (which was a year ago) and I couldn't stop trimming. So it is still trying to grow back. Our home is called a patio home. It has two common walls with our neighbors on each side. There is 120 patio homes in Paseo Place and there is only one more couple who lives here that is a member of the church. I was in shock when we moved here because no one wanted to recognize their new neighbors. But since I was raised in Happy Valley I decided to make a plate full of Christmas goodies for my neighbors at Christmas time. It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I will never do that again. I received some of the scariest and most confusing looks I've had in a long time. I just wish that someone would've told me that you don't do nice things for neighbors in AZ. People here are very uncomfortable being the least bit sociable and friendly. I'm guessing that the mormon culture really doesn't leave the Wasatch front? Anyways, I'm sure everyone wanted to know all that.....